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If you have been involved in a non-fault accident, AAL Stockport Ltd can take the stress out of the entire claim process. From the recovery of your vehicle to getting you back on the road, we can handle every aspect of your claim.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed molestie rutrum urna ac pulvinar. Vivamus sollicitudin, eros eu pretium accumsan, elit neque bibendum enim, et aliquam nibh enim id libero. Vestibulum libero est, semper eu neque porta, venenatis ornare ante. Aenean quis eros tincidunt, ullamcorper elit faucibus,

It is important to remember to ‘CALL US FIRST’ if you are involved in a non-fault vehicle accident. If you call your insurance provider first, you will be required to claim under your own policy which means you will likely have to pay your policy excess. It is also likely that you will also only be covered for a small courtesy vehicle rather than a life-for-like. In fact, if your vehicle is declared a total loss, you may not be offered a courtesy vehicle at all.

Why use AAL Stockport Ltd?

Our non-fault accident management service includes:

Recovery of Your Vehicle
AAL Stockport Ltd can recover your vehicle quickly to our secure premises from anywhere in the UK.

Arranging a Replacement Vehicle
We will offer you a like-for-like replacement vehicle while yours is repaired. In non-fault accidents, you are entitled to a replacement vehicle similar to your own. We then recover the hire cost from the guilty party's insurance company - costing you nothing.

Valuation of Your Vehicle + Estimated Cost of Repair
We will arrange for your vehicle to be valued by an independent assessor. If your vehicle is a total loss you will be provided with a settlement cheque. Otherwise, we can proceed to handle the repair of your vehicle. We will communicate regularly with your insurance company on your behalf.

Repairing Your Vehicle
AAL Stockport Ltd are equipped for dealing with every kind of vehicle repair. Once your vehicle repair cost has been estimated we can begin to repair your vehicle.

Personal Injury Claim Handling
If you or any of your passengers sustained any injuries during the accident we will arrange for you to be medically examined and will seek compensation for you. If you require physiotherapy after the accident we can arrange your sessions.

Legal Representation
We have an excellent working relationship with a local firm of solicitors who are all specialists in motoring and road traffic law. AAL Stockport Ltd can handle every aspect of your claim seamlessly leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Call AAL Stockport Ltd today on 0161 427 1698 to discuss your claim.

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